I’m Zino, alias Luigi Franchi (Teramo, 1973).

My artistic training covers a vast area ranging from contemporary art connections to modern art studies, from the profession of restorer of ancient paintings to the teaching of Art History in high schools.

I want to establish the basis of an artistic path which aims to fuse solid conceptual foundation with a charming and recognizable aesthetic dimension.

The territory where everything that happens is the Game, a real primary need, in all its nuances, from “Otium” to “Ludus”.

The use of futile and familiar subjects, Lego bricks, colored balls, toys, is the universal alphabet to talk about ourselves, our time and as our time has changed us.

In this site I am pleased to show you my works.
More than explanations they are ideas, sparks, pretexts to talk about me and a bit of you too.





rivista segno

rolling stones italia

 quotidiano il centro


equilibrarte blog